A Detailed Guide to Remove a Key from the Dictionary in Python

Guide to remove a key from Python dictionary

Python dictionaries are one of the most used data types. These are mutable. That is, we can add new elements or remove the existing elements or change the value of elements in a Python dictionary. To remove the elements from a dictionary, we can use one of the following: pop() popitem() clear() del In today’s article, let’s look at all of these functions with an example. Recommended Reading: How to loop over Python Dictionaries? Method 1: Remove a key from the dictionary using pop() We can use the built-in pop() method to remove a key from a Python dictionary. The … Read more

4 Different ways to loop over Python Dictionaries

Python Dictionaries are used extensively in real-time. If you’re using dictionaries in your program, you should definitely know how to iterate over the dictionary. Although this is simple, there is a lot of confusion in the community. This is because many dictionary functions have changed from Python 2 to Python 3.     In this article, let’s check the different methods used to loop over a dictionary in Python. Note: All the methods described below work for Python versions 3+.   Method 1: Using the dictionary directly Python Dictionaries can be iterated directly. However, it is important to note that, … Read more